About This Project

Who I am.

Well, I’m just your average “nice guy” (though I’ll leave that up to you to decide) living, working, and dating in the great city that is Seattle. Very possibly you’ve passed me on the street without even noticing. For some of you, as I’m going to be advertising this on Facebook…You may even know me. Well, maybe personally, or perhaps at best my on-line persona. Which I will be discussing over the course of writing this series. Anyhow, if we’ve met previously or will meet eventually this series is me. Like it or not. For the sake of frame of reference. I’m a 29 year old white male, a full time graphic artist, and a freelance illustrator and photographer. The rest, you will just have to learn as we go. Or if you like you can send comments and questions. I have little to hide so feel free.

What I’m doing. 

I’m writing a book! Slowly. And it takes time, and effort. I’m also as I’ve listed above, a full time cog of the working world. I plan to write a few hundred words minimum once a week. I digress. This blog/web series will be an on-going study of failures, misadventures, and whoas for those of you who feel the need to vicariously live through your friends, or for those of you whom have a sense of self preservation…and want to avoid unnecessary life lessons concerning dating, relationships and romance. So what am I actually doing? Hoping to publish a book of twenty-somethings rants and ramblings on the subject of modern dating.

What am I asking of you? 

Absolutely nothing. Okay…okay. Full disclosure. I’m looking for your support! Both to help publish this book and for emotional support. We’ve all been there, if not and you’re planning on it, perhaps these stories and lessons will help you decide the best course of actions to take. I also ask if you would like to share your experiences, single, married, divorced, in a relationship, to help one another by telling it like it is. We’re all looking for something. Here’s to hoping we can learn from one another, maybe even share a laugh or two. Please feel free to leave comments or questions, and I encourage feedback to myself or others who are part of this journey.


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