Then the Aftermath

Then the aftermath. Johnny becomes a meathead, knocks up a teacher, and not coincidentally fails to pass Algebra…for the second time. Susie starts to sound a little too like Miley Cyrus, crying out she’s misunderstood, gets hooked on methamphetamines she learned about in an extra credit assignment and spends her junior year…exercising demons. In which capacity, no one is really sure. And let’s not forget the doting trophy wife with her tragic story. Luckily she was able to move on, after practicing a few self-esteem boosting exercises or “procedures” as they’re more commonly known. Her psychiatrist recommends getting out more, enjoying the fresh air, absorbing copious amounts of Vitamin D from the sun. All the more reason to purchase a convertible. I mean, it was doctor prescribed and everything. Even though she may have taken a liberty with his exact words.

But I digress… If you’re looking for the fantasy, there’s other ways of obtaining it for free. And the mess is only in your hands.


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