The World of Internet Dating

I fantasize from time to time. You know…about who could be out there. She could be smart…and funny. I dare ask good looking. And even now I laugh at the thought of it. That woman…she’s married, with kids, the husband, the dog and the shiny new house on the corner of Whippoorwill drive. Secretly I suspect, she is involved in some kind of covenant. Sacrificing stray cats that roam the otherwise perfect Leave it to Beaver neighborhood (they win the community-to-live-in awards every year). Empowering and encouraging her husband to work endless hours, always reminding him to make sure the family is taken care of… in his insurance forms. She’s responsible like that. And it’s not like he doesn’t know what’s going on… There are plenty of examples of creatures in this world that are willingly devoured by their mate. In the animal kingdom too. Who needs that kind of stress?


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